Samson and Sophie Cafe Teneriffe


Time for some delicious for lunch which will tantalise your tastebuds and give you a taste of some of the finest produce in South East Queensland?

Sophie’s baking dish

ask us what’s hot out of the oven!
served with a seasonal salad bowl 15.90

Salad bowl 12.90

seasonal, well balanced creation of the day, just ask us

Asian Pulled Pork Salad 18.90

Pulled pork with vermicelli, fresh herbs and vietnamese dressing

Lamb Kofta Greek Wrap 16.90

Soft warm wrap with lamb koftas, halloumi, sweet potato puree, greek yoghurt, and garden herbs

Open Chicken Sandwich 15.90

with chorizo, avocado, cucumber and smokey yoghurt slaw

Hot to Trot Toasties with seasonal salad 13.90

- Crispy Bacon, cheese, roast tomato, relish, avo and greens OR
-Chicken Breast, cheese, roast tomato, aioli, avo and greens