Samson and Sophie Cafe Teneriffe


Come and See us for amazing breakfast options such as:

Hobby Mix Muesli 12.90

Vanilla bean bircher with lemon zest, greek yoghurt, seasonal fruit, and toasted nuts

House toasted muesli with greek yoghurt, seasonal fruit and cold milk on the side

Fruit and Nut Toast or House Baked Loaves hot and buttered 7
honey ricotta 8.50

Samson’s Toastie 10.50
speciality local ham and cheese with house mustard and organic sourdough

Avo and Co 12.90
avocado, fetta and house made dukkah on organic sourdough

-with 2 poached eggs 16.90
-salmon & halloumi 18.90
-bacon, halloumi & eggs 22.90

Bacon Greek Pitta 14.90
soft warm wrap with eggs, bacon, thyme & garlic mushrooms, avo, greens and relish

Beetroot & Halloumi Greek Pitta 14.90
soft warm wrap with eggs, halloumi, lemon zucchini, greens and spicy beetroot relish

Apple and Coconut Hot Cakes 16.90

with honey ricotta, seasonal poached fruit and lemon zest (Gluten Friendly)

Roast Pumpkin Fritters 18.90
honey carrots, wilted spinach, pepitas, house yoghurt cheese with two poached eggs

Mehico Beans 18.90
rich mexican spiced beans with roast sweet potato, halloumi, two poached eggs and smoked yoghurt slaw

-add chorizo 21.90

Lemon Chorizo Stack 18.90
greek potatoes pan fried with chorizo, lemon zucchini, two poached eggs and parmesan

Italian Eggs 16.90

slow cooked Italian sausage in rich tomato sauce with poached eggs served with organic sourdough

Our House Cook Up 19.90
bacon, poached eggs, halloumi, roasted tomato, chorizo, organic sourdough and relish add avo 22.90


Eggs, Halloumi Avo, thyme roasted Mushroom, Roast Tomatom, chorizo 4.0
Salmon, bacon or ham 4.5 Gluten free bread 1.50